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Raised byOwnerPriorityIssueResolution
Herbert  P1 Any edit boxes that are smaller that the width of an atom should be made wider. done 
Herbert  P1 OK and Cancel buttons should stay together done 
Herbert  P1 No error handling on entering incorrect equations done 
Herbert  P1 Spaces in group box titles done 
Herbert  P1 Fixed option doesn't work done 
Herbert  P1 Model Summary Tool update problem done 
Herbert  P1 Ok/Cancel buttons for Model Summary form? interface changed 
Herbert  P1 Transcription factor line points to the center of a Gene rather than the front promoter area done 
Herbert  P1 Group boxes are at different heights? interface changed 
Deepak  P1 encapsulated mode for modules with movable linkers  
Deepak  P1 Remember the previous format of the parts/connections trees done 
Deepak  P1 Interface (like the arrow heads) for changing graphics. use same interface for tree graphics changes done 
Deepak  P1 progress meter for simulations done 
Deepak  P1 Different trees with different images, not different tree structure cancel 
Herbert  P1 Run button with all the C/Python functions done 
Deepak  P1 Feedback to user for cases such as automatic changes when items are deleted, automatic gene/promoter clicks, etc. done 
Deepak  P1 More organized way to "replace graphics" done 
Herbert  P1 Automatically parse equations to extract new parameters and add prefix if needed (eg. convert km to done 
Deepak  P1 Settings menu: edit default plugins, user dir, C libs menu, python path ...partial.. 
Deepak  P1 Widget for adding and removing arrowheads. Can automatically do it for reversible reactions.  re-thinking 
Deepak  P1 PySceS integration done 
Herbert  P1 Linear programming integration done 
Deepak  P1 temporary labels through C/Python done 
Deepak  P1 log plots done 
Herbert  P1 View complete sequence for connected items done 
Deepak  P1 Automatic reversible reactions with indicator done 
Deepak  P1 Save things such as: flux constraints, last code, user functions (in plot)  
Deepak  P1 Integrate C function for positive/negative loops  
Deepak  P1 Tree-like organization + Search feature for functions list  
Deepak  P1 C/Python interface for changing the parts tree. Python will be suitable for PoBoL  
Deepak  P1 Antimony to and from Tinkercell dynamic conversion done...buggy 
Deepak  P1 Module links: straight lines and names  
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