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How to join

You can be a core developer, extension developer, plug-in developer, idea generator... TinkerCell can use them all.
Please contact Deepak to join the TinkerCell project. 

Although not active, you may also choose to join the Google Groups for TinkerCell or LinkedIn network for TinkerCell


Deepak Chandran: main developer
Herbert M. Sauro: Deepak's PhD advisor
Saurlo lab members ( provided active feedback
Jeff Johnson: developed WikiDust, a python plugin
Arnaud Gelas: assisted with CMake files
Frank T. Bergmann: worked on Athena, TinkerCell's predecessor

Current Developers 

Full-time developers:

      Deepak Chandran

Former Developers 

Deepak Chandran

PhD student, Univ. of Washington, Seattle
Bioengineering dept. (advisor: Herbert Sauro)

Contribution to TinkerCell: 
Designed and developed TinkerCell as part of his PhD project

Jeff Johnson

Univ. of Washington, Seattle 
Biology Dept.

Contribution to TinkerCell: 
Developed the WikiDust python plugin